About us

With a focus on professionalism and efficiency, we continuously improve the services we provide to our clients.

Our Company History

Founded in 2015, Raw Catering Services Company transformed from an events catering enterprise into a formidable force in the contract services sector. With a mission to challenge and surpass industry giants, we leverage our extensive hospitality experience to deliver exceptional quality and service in contract catering.

In 2018, we secured our first major contract in the retirement sector, marking the beginning of our rapid expansion. Today, Raw Catering Services Company competes with large-scale enterprises, offering superior products at competitive prices, setting new standards in the industry.

Our vision

To change outdated catering service products and give people access to nutritious catering products and quality services

Our mission

Disrupting outdated service models through innovative solutions and exceptional service.

Meet our directors

Our team excels with meticulous attention to detail and customised services

Trent Devine

Managing Director

Tyrone Kidney

Operations Director

Professional & Expert Solutions

We provide excellence in catering, cleaning, housecleaning and security services.


Impeccable quality and diverse menu choices redefine superior catering.


Unmatched efficiency and attention to detail set our cleaning services apart.


Unrivalled professionalism ensures our security services stand above the rest.

Another 5-star review

“Raw Catering Company has been an invaluable partner in our retirement estate, Wytham Estate. Their ability to tailor their services to our specific needs, from housekeeping to laundry and catering, has been exceptional. The high standard of food they consistently deliver has not only met but exceeded our expectations. Together, we’ve grown and developed an unmatched offering that not only satisfies our current needs but also opens up exciting future growth opportunities. We highly recommend Raw Catering Company for their professionalism, flexibility, and commitment to excellence. Their dedication to understanding our unique requirements and their willingness to adapt and evolve with us has been instrumental in our success. The team at Raw Catering Company has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that our residents receive top-notch service and delicious, nutritious meals. Their attention to detail and their ability to anticipate our needs have made them an indispensable part of our community. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Raw Catering Company and exploring new ways to enhance the quality of life for our residents.”

Gus Van Der Spek

Wytham Estate
General Manager

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